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Cat Wheeler
Cat Wheeler
Cat Wheeler is many things: Author, Environmentalist, Social Activist, and a woman who has reinvented her life by stepping outside the expected and into the unexpected. Cat’s story is full of unexpected turns that were guided by her faith that if she took action, everything would work out as it should. In this episode of the Smart Alex Coach podcast you’ll hear Cat’s intriguing story – and be inspired to begin one of your own.

A dream to be a writer was all it took…
to move Cat Wheeler out of her normal, comfortable life and into a career as a writer. She lived in Canada in a typical, comfortable life, believing herself to be constrained financially – until she received an invitation from a friend to go on a trip to India. She accepted the invitation and has been a world traveler and expatriate ever since. While visiting India she met a man who asked what she did for a living. Cat’s response? “I’m a writer,” even though she wasn’t truly a writer yet. But it was her dream. The man hired her to do some writing for him, which began a steady stream of writing opportunities for his company and many others. Find out more how Cat made the most of this opportunity and wound up living in Singapore for many years as as result, on this episode of Smart Alex Coach.

Moving across the world was not a simple thing…
not when Cat moved to Singapore, nor the second time when she decided to move to Bali because the economic conditions in Singapore made it impossible for her to remain there. Why Bali? It was the only place Cat could think of that she’d want to live. And she made the move, even though there were many obstacles that would have kept the average person from making the move. She didn’t know the language or culture. She wouldn’t be able to work there legally. Yet, she felt it was where she was supposed to live. She made the move and doors began to open. Find out more about how Cat made the transition, found many opportunities in Bali to support herself as a writer, and how she has spearheaded many charitable and service projects on the islands – in this episode.

Building a home in Bali when she’d never built a home before
After moving to Bali, a fiend made Cat aware that for a very small amount of money she could lease a property on the island for 20 years, build her own house on it, and live there “rent free.” She decided to give it a shot, procuring the land, designing her own home, and overseeing the building of it. The entire project cost her much less that you would expect and her home is exactly what she wanted it to be. Most people would allow their lack of knowledge or experience to hinder such an attepmt, but not Cat. Her belief is that if you step out and take action, the opportunities that are meant to be will come to pass. Hear her describe how this belief has led her throughout life in this episode of the Smart Alex Coach podcast.

Bali Daze – a book about changing cultures, and learning how to enjoy the journey
Cat’s book “Bali Daze” chronicles her experiences in making the move to what many believe to be a tropical paradise, which turned out to be much different than that as she began to take up residency in it. The stories will make you laugh and cry with their insights into the human condition and what makes life a joy to live. In this episode of Smart Alex Coach, Cat reads a short portion from her book that illustrates the kinds of unforeseen difficulties a foreigner might experience when moving from one culture to another. The simplest things can become not-so-simple.

All on this episode of the Smart Alex Coach podcast!

Outline of this great episode
  • Introduction to Cat Wheeler’s books and accomplishments.
  • Cat’s life before her reinvention in Bali.
  • Her life in Singapore and why she moved from there to Bali.
  • Things Cat learned about herself as she made the transition from Singapore and Bali.
  • The adventure of designing her own home in Bali and having it built to be exactly what she wanted.
  • Cat’s advice to anyone desiring to design and build their own home.
  • How Cat leveraged her home building experience to benefit families in Bali over the long term.
  • Cat’s experience and advice regarding living outside her home country: How to cope with the change and the ongoing challenges.
  • Why Cat got involved with the local Rotary club in Bali and what her experience has been like.
  • Cat’s involvement with “Slow Food Bali” – what it is and what it is accomplishing.
  • The bamboo straw project that Cat is working on.
  • The Sea Salt project.
  • Cat’s experience with Reiki and why she is involved in the practice.
  • Cat’s book: Bali Daze – how it came about and what Cat hopes for it.
  • Cat reads an excerpt from her book.
Links mentioned in this episode
The local Bali Rotary website – http://rotarybaliubudsunset.org/

The Slow food website for Bali – http://slowfoodbali.com/

Get your own bamboo straws as mentioned in this episode – www.IndonesiaOrganic.com

Cat’s book: Bali Dazehttp://www.balidazethebook.com/Bali_Daze.html