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The radical life transformation and reinvention in today’s episode is the stuff novels are made of.

Diane Serns
Diane Serns
Diane Serns was a preacher’s daughter, raised in a very fundamental, strict faith. Her life was one of well-intentioned seclusion and sheltering until she married and moved away from home, at which time she discovered there was more to life than she’d ever known. Her story is an amazing account of how a desire to be more has driven her to create the life she knew could be hers.

It was on a cold night in Chicago…
when Diane Serns heard herself saying the words that would change her life. “I’m going to go to cosmetology school.” To this day she doesn’t know where the idea even came from, but it was the first step to a lifestyle change that she never imagined. She graduated from her training and began working multiple jobs in the beauty industry, all the while moving closer and closer to her eventual role as an Image Consultant. You’ve got to listen to this incredible story.

Sometimes reinventing yourself requires you let go of everything you’ve ever known.
It’s not true for everyone, but it was for Diane. She made the choice to let go of her past, the fundamental religion in which she’d been raised, her home, even a marriage. She moved across the country to San Diego, California and created her own business doing hair and makeup for weddings in San Diego and the surrounding areas. That business led to one on one consulting jobs and image consultations that have built the business she has today. It was a great sacrifice but one she says she’ll never regret.

Following your dreams open the door to all kinds of opportunities.
Diane Serns believes that with all that she is. She has seen how many of the opportunities she’s had in her life would never have happened if she hadn’t taken the first steps toward the dreams that were growing in her heart and mind. The move to San Diego opened the door to the wedding business. The pursuit of the wedding business opened the door to private clients and consultations. Each step led to another that ultimately reinvented the life she’d known. Listen in to hear how it happened.

Every woman has her own unique beauty.
That’s a foundation of Diane’s business philosophy. She rejects the idea that culture can tell a woman whether she’s beautiful or not. Every woman is beautiful, she carries her beauty with her in who she is and what’s inside. Diane helps women discover first who they are inside, which informs them about how they should dress on the outside. It’s not about weight or size, it’s about a clear identity and purpose. You’ll want to hear Diane’s refreshing perspective on it in this episode.

All on this episode of the Smart Alex Coach podcast!

Outline of this great episode
  • Diane’s story –  from cloistered-away  Preacher’s daughter to image consultant.
  • How the inner heart of a woman is what creates her style.
  • Diane’s journey out of a conservative background toward a very different life.
  • The surprising decision to pursue cosmetology school that led to everything else.
  • How Diane let go of everything she’d ever known.
  • The boldness needed to reinvent your life when you’re opposed by those close to you.
  • A move to San Diego, California and the creation of a business.
  • How following your dreams brings opportunities.
  • Why every woman is unique and has her own unique beauty.
  • How self-esteem is based on what we are telling ourselves.
  • Diane’s thoughts about her lifestyle as her husband prepares to retire.
Links mentioned in this episode
Diane’s website –  http://dianeserns.com/

The Landmark organization – http://www.landmarkworldwide.com/