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The Smart Alex Coach podcast is all about women discovering that they have the power to reinvent their lives, no matter where they are in life or what they’ve been through.

Simone Baldwin
Simone Baldwin
Today’s guest is a prime example of that fact. You’re going to hear the story of Simone Baldwin, founder of “Healthy Gorgeous, and Tipsy” a site that focuses on coaching around healthy eating and sumptuous wines. Simone has carved out a niche for herself unlike any other. Find out more as you listen.

Before the reinvention
LIke many women out there, Simone was strapped to a full time job that provided a wonderful lifestyle but wasn’t providing the fulfillment and delight that she wanted for herself. Three pivotal experiences came into her life one after another that caused her to reevaluate where she was in life and where she wanted to be. It was a trying time that resulted in her making some decisions that moved her out of her full time job and into the entrepreneurial realm, full steam ahead. As you listen to Simone’s story you’ll be amazed at the steps she took.

Life experiences that change your outlook often lead to reinvention
Simone Baldwin’s story is no different. A horrendous auto accident laid her up in the hospital with metal pins in her hip bones and all kinds of thoughts running through her head. Was the life she’d lived to that point the life she wanted? If things were going to change, would she have the courage to make the changes? What would she do if she could do anything? These questions spurred Simone to take action once she recovered, resigning her employment and entering the entrepreneurial world almost immediately. You’ll be inspired by her story.

Taking massive action and adjusting as you go
Many people who want to reinvent their lives or build their lifelong dream become paralyzed, believing that they have to get all their ducks in a row before they can launch out into something new. Simone Baldwin is the first to tell you that is not the case. She stepped out of her secure job with the powerful belief that she was meant to do something different, something more, and she set out to do it without having everything figured out. Her philosophy is that you have to take action and the answers come while you’re moving. Learn more about how she did that in this episode.

It’s up to you. Will you be bold enough to reinvent your life?
There is a very old saying, “If it is to be, it is up to me.” It’s a truism in so many ways. Only you can take the steps necessary to move your life in a new, better, positive direction. The question is, “Will you?” Let Simone’s story in this episode serve as inspiration and motivation for you, to move you one step closer to fulfilling your dreams and reinventing yourself and your life into something more that brings great value to the world!

All on this episode of the Smart Alex Coach podcast!

Outline of this great episode
  • Alexsandra’s introduction of Simone Baldwin.
  • Simone’s life before reinventing her life.
  • How Simone came to be an expert on wines.
  • 3 big turning points in Simone’s life.
  • The resignation of a secure job and a new path ahead.
  • The power and importance of a genuine support system.
  • The importance of taking action and doing the best you can with what you’ve got.
  • Simone’s new life and business model and the services she offers.
  • Words of wisdom for those who desire to reinvent their lives.

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