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Are you a woman who has come to a place in your life where you feel that you need something more? Your life has been full of responsibility and service already but you know there’s a greater purpose and opportunity ahead? It’s likely that you’re exactly right and this is the podcast to help you discover what that stirring in your soul is and how to go about finding it.

Welcome to the Smart Alex Coach podcast with your host Alexsandra Trevor. Alexsandra’s journey is similar to yours. She’s mom and former employee who’s learned that she has the power to take control of her life to recraft it into the kind of life she wants and enjoys. She’s spent the last 25 years traveling the world and coming alongside women who are eager to learn the same things. Her experience in reinventing her life has led her to coach women how to navigate the tricky path from ordinary to extraordinary. Learn how Alexsandra has walked her journey and how you can begin to walk yours.

In this episode you’re going to get a brief introduction to Alexsandra’s story – how she went from hard working mother of a teenager to a world-traveling life coach. You’ll hear about the experiences that pushed her toward intentionally reinventing herself and moving into the life she’d always dreamed was possible. You’ll find Alexsandra’s easygoing, personable style motivating and easy to listen to as you join her in her own ongoing journey.

As she’s traveled the world, Alexsandra Trevor has met woman after woman whose personal stories have inspired her to lead the life she enjoys and help other women do the same. In this podcast you’re going to hear her honest conversations with many of those women; your opportunities to discover your own personal story through theirs, and how to pursue it with all you are. Alexsandra shares these stories to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to step outside what is normal and reach for more.

Whatever season of life you are in, Alexsandra Trevor is here to help you understand it, move through it, and reach for greater things. Her hope is that through this podcast you’ll be encouraged to be bold, to reach beyond your current circumstances, and believe that you are able to create the life you’ve only dreamed of that allows you to contribute to the world in ways that only you can, and that only you are meant to do. Join Alexsandra each week as she shares the stories that inspire.

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Outline of this great episode
  • Welcome to the podcast – from Alexsandra Trevor
  • An invitation from Alexsandra
  • Alexsandra’s experiences coaching women over the past 25 years
  • The turning point in Alexsandra’s life that pushed her toward her own reinvention
  • Traveling adventures that have inspired and motivated Alexsandra
  • What to expect from the interviews on the Smart Alex Coach podcast
  • The Smart Alex Coach publication schedule.
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