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Stephanie Brooks
Stephanie Brooks
This story of reinvention is unlike any that have been featured on the Smart Alex Coach podcast to date. Stephanie Brooks is a travel writer who has reinvented her life In a context different than the marvelous guests that have been featured on the show thus far. Stephanie’s life reinvention came while she was happily married and a mother to two great kids. Her life change and travels have been done while maintaining the balance of family life and her story is sure to be an inspiration to you.

The cultures of Indonesia captivated her
Stephanie’s first stay in Indonesia was prompted by a work related transfer her husband received that moved the entire family to Indonesia. Her children were fairly young at the time so they grew up in the Indonesian culture happily and with little trouble. Being expatriate workers, they lived a life of luxury and fell in love the the enchanting spirit of the local people and a culture rich in meaning. It was at that point that Stephanie and her husband decided together that they would one day live in Indonesia full time, even though they knew their current assignment would only last 5 years.

Back in Australia, but with an eye still on Indonesia
After a 5 year stint working in Indonesia, Stephanie’s husband was recalled to his company in Brisbane, Australia. The family returned there but Stephanie continued writing for Indonesian publications, a skill and source of income she picked up while living in Indonesia previously. Though she was living in the busy-ness and responsibilities of a modern society, her heart was drawn back to Indonesia again and again as she kept up her writing. Listen to her story to hear how the longing of her heart directed her steps.

A split family but a united purpose
The opportunity came for Stephanie’s husband David to begin doing photography full time and he moved to Bali alone to begin the transition to their dream home, while Stephanie and the children remained in Australia to finish out the high school years. Though they were apart physically, their love for the islands grew as David experienced many rich cultures and local traditions, which he and Stephanie eventually compiled in a book, “Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage,” which includes many of David’s photos and writing from both of them. Their joint project and the road leading to it are a great inspiration, so be sure to listen in.

Varied activities but a full life
Stephanie Brooks and her husband David live in Bali now full time. He spends many days taking photos of the local scene, and making trips to various festivals and events to capture the Indonesian lifestyle of the 21st century. Stephanie continues her writing career as well as teaching English to those struggling with the language. She feels that she is living a dream life alongside her husband, living each day in partnership in one of the most beautiful and enchanting places in the world. Hear Stephanie’s unique story on this episode of the Smart Alex Coach podcast.

Outline of this great episode
  • Alexsandra’s introduction of Stephanie Brooks.
  • Stephanie’s life before she underwent a reinvention.
  • How Stephanie’s first move to Indonesia was guided by her family’s reactions and feelings.
  • A move back to Australia due to her husband’s job & her return to Indonesia afterward.
  • Becoming a writer by default as she moved around the globe.
  • How traveling enables you to see the world through new eyes.
  • Reinventing her life alongside her husband as a writing / photographer team.
  • Stephanie’s life in Bali now… after the reinvention.
  • The family’s connection with various indigenous people groups.
  • Stephanie’s advice to women seeking to make a change – philosophies to help make the transition.
Links mentioned in this episode
Stephanie’s website – http://www.TravelWriter.ws

Stephanie’s Book – Indonesia’s Hidden Heritage – https://travelwriter101.wordpress.com/2014/04/09/indonesias-hidden-heritage-cultural-journeys-of-discovery-new-release-book/