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From a fast-paced, stressful life in the city to a dream existence in a tropical paradise.
That’s the basic description of our guest’s experience. Julie – who goes by “Julie in Bali” was working in the corporate world in the heart of London, commuting every day in and then out of the city, experiencing the stress and problems that come with that kind of life. She never dreamt that she’d reinvent her life and really had no reason to think that she even needed to. But a 3 month trip around the world opened a door she never expected, and she’s never gone “home” to London since. In this episode of Smart Alex Coach you’ll get to hear Julie’s story and how she came to live in Bali full time, write poetry and short stories as part of every day, and enjoy a life she never even knew to dream.

It’s alright to make plans, as long as they don’t become straight-jackets.
Julie says that’s one of the things she’s learned through her life reinvention. Her plan was to be gone from London on a 3 month trip. She never expected that she’d find a place she simply couldn’t leave, but she did in Bali. If she’d stuck to her plan, she would be back in London, working in a high-stress environment daily, missing out on the great life she’s found in Bali. She had to be flexible, to hold her plans loosely for the sake of finding the place she was supposed to be. Hear more of Julie’s story and how she came to stay in Bali on this episode of Smart Alex Coach.

A change she couldn’t imagine.
A 180 degree turnaround is what Julie calls her life. From the stress-filled offices and traffic of London to the tropical paradise of Bali. She’s made the switch and isn’t looking back. Julie’s days consist of writing on her veranda, listening to the birds and the trees swaying in the breeze. She lives with a man she fell in love with after coming to Bali, enjoying the soft sounds of his guitar, and soaking up the cultural diversity and options the island holds. She never knew it could be possible. She never knew to even consider it. But it’s her life now, a turnaround she never dreamed. Hear more of Julie’s story on this episode.

Julie loves her life, but will never say “Never.”
While she can’t imagine ever moving away from the wonderful life she’s found in Bali, Julie has learned that it’s never wise to say she’ll never do anything. She won’t allow a plan or intention to limit her options or put her in a place where she’s unable to do something that she feels needs to be done. That’s the attitude that enabled her to stay in Bali and enjoy the life she has now. It’s the attitude she wants to keep on embracing even if the day may come when she feels she must leave her island home. Find out more about Julie and the way she looks at life.

Julie’s advice to those who want to reinvent their lives, but feel they never could.
It’s simple advice really: Learn to be in the present moment. Learn to look at  your life in light of that experience. Are the things you believe are “needs” really needs? Are you really more able to give up some things for the sake of rediscovery and reinvention than you know? You may be holding on to things you are convinced you need when in reality they are holding you back from something better. Hear how Julie explains this difficult time of decision. All on this episode of the Smart Alex Coach podcast!

Outline of this great episode
  • Alexsandra introduces Julie, her background, and why she’s landed in Bali.
  • Julie’s experience in London before she reinvented her life.
  • A 3 month round-the-world trip that changed Julie’s ideas of what she wanted in life.
  • How Julie decided to remain in Bali instead of going home to London.
  • How plans can become obstacles to the path you should go.
  • Julie’s life in Bali – how it differs from the life she once lived in London.
  • The story of Julie’s connection with her partner.
  • The things that bring Julie joy in life now.
  • Julie’s thoughts about her poetry and the books her work has been in.
  • Why Julie can’t foresee anything new coming for the future – but will never say, “Never.”
  • Julie’s advice to those who may want to reinvent their lives but don’t feel they could.
  • The difference between “want” and “need.”
  • How you can connect with Julie.
  • Links mentioned in this episode
Books that feature Julie’s poetry:

A Taste of Bali: Stories and Poems
Life’s Journeys
Contact Julie – JulieInBali AT outlook DOT com

Julie’s blog – http://JulieInBali.wordpress.com